“Crazy” Part Two

The patient behind me, kept yelling at me to get out of his way. I stood there. Groggy. I stumbled out of his way and back to my room. My roommate had kept me awake all night, screaming in her sleep. Yelling for god to take her. Lady, if there is a god, he sure wouldn’t listen out for us, I thought to myself.

I needed to shower. I needed to get the guilt and dispair off of me. I went into the bathroom and looked into the “mirror” they had on the wall. It was just a metal plate. It kind of reminded me of my grandmothers old silverware platters. Rusted and chipped, I wiped off the metal, trying to see my reflection. I stepped into the little 3×3 shower and of course, cold water again. Using the little hotel size bottles of soap to wash myself unlike the rest of the souls here. Dirty and disheveled, roaming about.

I get out of the shower and sit on my bed. How is she still sleeping? I wondered. Then a nurse comes by and tells me the psychiatrist is ready to see me. Great, I muttered. She introduced herself as Dr. Mitchell. I said my hellos. She asked how my first night went. Terrible! I exclaimed. My roommate kept me up all night, screaming. She looked at me, puzzled. Roommate? She asked gently. Yes, my roommate! She wouldn’t stop screaming. She looked at me, concerned. You don’t have a roommate. H-have you ever experienced auditory or visual hallucinations? She asked bluntly…

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