Suicidal thoughts

“What’s it like to have suicidal thoughts?”

They don’t really ask how your day is, they just assume. So sometimes they show up unannounced, like an old friend from out of town, which in turn, makes it harder to cope. They come and go. They really just linger. Sometimes I pay them attention, but other times I just leave them out in the cold. Other times they bother me. They’ll pick and poke and get under my skin. It will feel like fire running through my veins. Like my skin is a melting popsicle on a hot summer’s day. But sometimes, they’re my only friends.

10 thoughts on “Suicidal thoughts

  1. I recently started a blog after hitting rock bottom with melt anxiety and depression.
    I got out of hospital yesterday after the suicidal thoughts ovwhelemed every part of my being.
    I’ve felt writing my first post and seeing others who suffer and survive has given me a small shield against my thoughts.
    This is beautiful writing x

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