I’ve never really fit in anywhere. Kind of like I’m a nobody. I mean, you could literally point me out and not one person walking by would recognize me. I’m almost invisible, it seems. I’ve never ever tried to stand out. Mainly because I try and avoid attention at all costs. Human interaction puzzles and frightens me. I try so hard to camouflage myself in the crowds and I’ve gotten really good at it. But I’ll admit, it’s lonely. Sometimes I’m even afraid to leave my house and that sort of worries me. But there’s something comforting and familiar about loneliness. It’s something about the reality in peace and quiet that even calms the noise inside of my head.

7 thoughts on “Camouflaged

  1. Jessica , well expressed.
    As a natural recluse , thrust into a whirlwind of chaos ,
    I find peace in the mantra of truth.
    We are all made of the same stuff. Yet we feel the need to face each other wearing a mask, as some play it rough.
    If you allow your light to shine from within, there will always be the jealous. There is peace to be found in rising above.

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  2. The world can be frightening and I certainly have felt how you feel. On the other hand there are so many contrasting parts of the world and people that/who are beautiful! I hope you’ll venture out a little at a time. Remember, others are just as scared as you! 😊

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