End The Stigma

In the United States, more than 43 million people live with a mental illness.

There is a stigma surrounding mental health and it is completely debilitating. I, myself, waited [too long] to get the help I desperately needed because I was afraid of how people would treat me or what they would think of me. There are multiple ways people maintain their mental health. Medication is one route.

1 in 6 Americans have taken some sort of psychiatric medication. So why is there a stigma still surrounding taking medication for a mental illness?

There are many myths surrounding mental health.

Myth #1: taking medication is the easy way out

Taking medication is far from easy. Especially for those whom fear the side effects and constant medication adjustments. It can be scary.

Myth #2: medication changes who you are

Medication may change your aspect and outlook on life but it doesn’t change your identity.

Myth #3: taking medication makes you weak

If anything, it makes you stronger. Giving yourself and putting yourself in someone else’s hands is admirable.

Myth #4: taking medication for mental illness is different than taking medication for a physical illness

In reality, the circumstances may be different but taking medication for a physical or mental ailment is essentially the same thing.

These again are just my opinions. Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “End The Stigma

  1. Thank you for sharing! Stigma surrounding mental illness is a giant hurdle for those who need help. The more people like you are able to educate others and eliminate common misperceptions, the more lives can be saved. Thank you!!

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